There is growing recognition that many young people are not capable to deal with increased demands and stresses. On a global scale, they confront an increasingly interdependent economy, exploding technological change, and environmental risk. In a workplace that offers diminishing job security, ability to interact well with others and adapt to change will matter more A’s in exam. In their personal life, many face challenges of maintaining healthy relationships. Our children? There is really an urgent need to deal with the problems that modern society faces.
Academic education is no longer adequate considering influences that shape children and adolescents’ development. These include media influence, competitive environments, and stressful education system. With such, purpose of education is not just getting good academic grades.
According to the prominent educational psychologist, Professor Howard Gardner, there are NINE different intelligences in human. However, in current school system, it only strongly emphasizes TWO of them: Logical-Mathematical & Verbal Linguistic Intelligence. There are another SEVEN: Musical, Visual Spatial, Existential, Kinesthetic, Naturalistic, Interpersonal, and Intrapersonal Intelligence.

In 21st Century, it is important to develop Intrapersonal and Interpersonal Intelligence to meet the workforce demand and personal life.